Instructions for Authors

Researchers and engineers of all technology and engineering management disciplines to submit their original manuscripts TEMS ICTE.  We welcome submissions from industries and across academic fields including but not limited to engineering, management, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


The following steps overview the paper submission, acceptance and required steps for your paper to appear in Xplore, all must have an EDAS account that is free.  It is only used the conference: 

  1. Submit the paper for review with EDAS, the link is  to the desired track of the conference. Note submit a full paper in English not an abstract. 
  2. The paper will be blind reviewed and you will be notified. Note this is a content, not format review.
  3. You will be notified if the paper is accepted.  If accepted check the format (template below) and check it with PDF eXpress account: 56732X. Follow all correction instructions. Please note the section on frequent formatting errors below.
  4. The system automatically does a similarity check for papers published on the internet with all publishers.  Some papers many needs some revisions if they are too similar to existing publications.
  5. At least one author must register with the conference.  If a Visa letter is needed then follow the instructions under visa. No letter will be provided unless the person is registered and paid all needed conference fees. Registration is on a separate tab of the web site. 
  6. Authors will be notified when their paper should be presented.  One of the authors must present the paper at the conference.  In rare exceptional cases an alternative may present the results with the agreement of the conference committee.

Follow all of these steps and your paper will be in IEEE Xplore. Any steps including correct formatting, not signing IEEE Copyright, not paying fees or registration will result in the paper not appearing in Xplore.

Paper Submission

Authors submit papers on EDAS paper processing system at the link Note that every author must have an EDAS account. It only requires an email address and there is no cost, anyone can sign up at htto://   All submitted papers for review are full papers not abstracts

You will be notified if your paper is accepted. Once accepted please check the final version with  PDF eXpress Plus account: 56732X (web This tool will check possible formatting errors for Xplore.  (if you have not used PDF eXpress before start with the New User click). 

All authors are advised to be familiar with IEEE guidelines before submitting their manuscript, including the IEEE Policy on Plagiarism and on Double Submission. The Technical Program Committee will verify the originality of submitted manuscripts by using CrossCheck, which is an antiplagiarism software, comparing submitted papers with previously published work worldwide. Manuscripts that violate IEEE’s publication principles will be immediately rejected. If the violation is deemed severe, then disciplinary actions may also be taken by IEEE.

Paper Format, Length, Template

All paper submissions must be written in English and must be formatted in standard IEEE 2-column format. The mandatory IEEE template in Microsoft Word and LaTeX format can be found at the IEEE templates page. Only PDF files will be accepted for the review process. All submissions must be made electronically through EDAS.

In particular, submitted manuscripts for IEEE ICTE 2020 should be in PDF, US Letter (8.5 x 11 inches) double column format with a maximum length of eight (6+2) pages including figures and references. Namely, regular submission length is 6 pages, but up to two (2) extra pages are permissible with an additional fee paid at registration time. At least one author must register with payment of a regular (no student) registration fee.  Total file size for each submission cannot exceed 10 MB.  There is a maximum of 2 papers per author. 

The formats and templates information is the standard conference template on the IEEE web at

Each author listed on page one of the manuscript is encouraged, also, to add a brief 100 word biography about themselves at the end of the manuscript, following the References section.  Submissions must be in PDF.  The PDF format can be created from a word processor such as MS Word. The open source editor LyX is suggested for best LaTeX quality with the minimum editing effort thanks to its very easy and effective visual interface. Stunning graphics can be obtained using Inkscape, an open source Scalable Vector Graphics software.  Authors must submit a draft version of their paper for review before the due submission deadline (see “Important dates”). In order to avoid potential problems during last few days before a deadline, all Authors are strongly encouraged to submit their papers well in advance.    

IEEE is very strict about the requirements for PDF files for inclusion in the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library, but formal control is needed only during final submission of accepted papers; therefore, IEEE PDF eXpress® service is not available for draft version of papers, but will be in place for use for the final submission of papers.   Please use the template noted above to create your paper, without modifying style and/or format.


Accepted papers that are copyrighted to IEEE and presented at the conference by at least one of the authors will be will be eligible for inclusion in the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library, once it meets the requirements of an IEEE quality review.  Authors must sign the IEEE copyright form.

Frequent Formatting Errors

The PDF eXpress tool finds most formatting errors.  Some common format problems, particularly with new IEEE Authors, are placing information in the footnote area and not saving in PDF/A format that embeds fonts. 

The footnote space must be left clear so the IEEE copyright stamp can be placed there and the page number that will be that page in the Xplore published proceedings.  Please make sure this is clear on all final submissions or your paper will be rejected by Xplore even if it is accepted by the conference.

Another issue is not saving the file in PDF/A format.  This is easy to correct, here are the steps in Word:

  1. Save the file with the “Save As”  option (NOTE this is not Save as Adobe PDF)
  2. On the Save As page change the file type to pdf.
  3. An options button will appear, click that button
  4. Check the “ISO 19005-1 Compliant (PDF/A)” box
  5. Save this as the pdf file for final submission